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We will e-mail you when we receive your enrollment, and we’ll let you know when the first puzzle will be shipped. Typically, your first puzzle is shipped within days of your order. Thereafter, puzzles are shipped every three months, on the second Monday of January, April, July and October. Your paid receipt is enclosed with your order.

If you are giving a gift membership, we will enclose a gift card in your name to the recipient with the first puzzle shipment. We will e-mail you to initially acknowledge your gift, and a receipt will be mailed to you every time a puzzle is shipped.

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Optional Step. In an effort to give you puzzles that you or someone else would enjoy building, please select from the topics of interest below. We will ship your membership puzzles based on your selections.
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Regardless of where the puzzle is sent, each shipment is $8.70. This amount represents the national average from our Chicago, Illinois facility to any destination within the contiguous United States. If you would need shipping costs calculated to areas that lie outside the contiguous U.S., please contact us at info@puzzleclub.us

Step 5 | Payment Information

Membership Cost: $70.00
Shipping Cost:$34.80
Per Membership Total:$104.80


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