Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know when my puzzle is coming? An e-mail will be sent prior the puzzle being shipped.

2. When are my puzzles shipped Your first puzzle is shipped within days of your enrollment. Thereafter, puzzles are shipped every three months, on the second Monday of January, April, July and October.

3. How is my puzzle shipped? To keep costs at a minimum, all puzzles are shipped via US Mail.

4. How much is the shipping? Regardless of where the puzzle is sent, each shipment is $6.75. This amount represents the national average from our Chicago, Illinois facility to any destination within the contiguous United States.

5. What if I receive a puzzle with something wrong with it? If you experience a problem with one of our puzzles, for example a missing piece or poorly-cut die, simply contact us by using the Member Support page. We ask that you send us the barcode from the box and a few of the pieces so that a free replacement can be shipped to you.

6. Can I order additional copies of a previously received puzzle? Yes, our puzzles are generally available. Contact us via the Member Support page and let us know the specific puzzle you are looking for. We will let you know its cost and availability. No shipment is made without your approval.

7. How big are the puzzles when finished? All the puzzles are 18" x 24". We determined that this size complemented the puzzle image.

8. Can I just get two puzzles for the year? To keep our membership fees affordable, the club furnishes four puzzles per year. You are welcome to order individual puzzles by visiting The Nice Card Company

9. I'm really interested in the American West. Do you have anything like that? Thank you for sharing your interests. We do have a vast collection of imagery, so you may very well see a puzzle that fits your interest in the near future! Our current topics are listed when you register. If we currently do not have something specific to your interests, please fill in the "0ther" box with your ideas. We're listening, and will be sure to make a note of it.

10. Can I give a gift membership? Absolutely. The easiest way to give the Jigsaw Puzzle Club as a gift is to simply provide the recipient's address in the "SHIPPING ADDRESS" area on the membership sign-up form. A gift card in your name is sent to the recipient.

11. Is there a charge for the gift card? No, it's on us. We're happy to do it for you.

12. How will the puzzles be chosen? The selections are based on your interests. When you enroll as a club member, you are asked to check off the topics that most interest you. Or, in the case of a gift membership, check the topics that most interest that person. From the responses we receive, we then select the puzzles that will be shipped.

13. How about the holiday season? If I set up a holiday gift membership, can the first puzzle be sent to me so that I may give it as a present, and then the second shipment be sent to whom I've designated as the recipient? Our shipping schedule best accommodates the holidays. Because there is a scheduled shipment in October, your first puzzle arrives in ample time for you to give the puzzle as a gift. The subsequent shipment to the person(s) of your choice will arrive shortly after the holiday season. Details regarding shipping addresses can be set up when you sign up.

14. What if I want to send several memberships as gifts? Not a problem. When you get to the shipping options section in the sign up page, you will be given the opportunity to ship the order to multiple addresses. If you are shipping to more than ten addresses, please contact us.

15. How do I contact you? The easiest way to contact us is through the Member Support page. Our mailing address and phone number are also provided on that same page.

16. What if I move? We hope you're happy in your new home - just let us know your new shipping address. You can do this through the Member Support page.

17. Do you automatically renew memberships? No, that's up to you. You will be offered a renewal subscription at the time of your last scheduled shipment. The choice is yours.

18. Where are your puzzles made? All of the puzzles are proudly made in the United States.